Welcome to the magnificent ancient Parish Church of St Peter & St Paul in the small Cotswold town of Northleach – often known as The Cathedral of the Cotswolds. We hope that our website gives you a sense of the atmosphere of this wonderful place, and encourages you to visit us in person.

As you look around, you may care to reflect that our Church has stood for centuries as a silent witness to the faith of countless generations who have sought to worship God faithfully, and have seen in Jesus Christ the clue to the meaning of their lives – in joy and sorrow, in wealth and poverty, in life and in death.

  • Springtime at St Peter & St Paul, Northleach
  • Summertime at St Peter & St Paul, Northleach
  • Autumn time at St Peter & St Paul, Northleach
  • Wintertime at St Peter & St Paul, Northleach

The Church building is full of symbols and signs. There is the open Bible. There is the beautiful ancient font, for the celebration of our entry into new life in Christ. There are the altars, where worship is centred and life renewed. There is the universal Christian sign of the Cross – reminder of Christ’s living and dying for the world – and the mark of our discipleship. There is the great east window proclaiming Christ alive and glorious, for ever.

It is a house of prayer.

We hope you will be able to visit us, and to stay for a while to share it to the full.

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